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The Queen has broken a remarkable royal record on 70th wedding anniversary

The Queen has broken scores of records in her lifetime, with the latest happening on Monday. The monarch and her husband Prince Philip have become the first royal couple in British history to reach 70 years of marriage. At their request, they are celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary in private and are hosting an intimate dinner with family and close friends at Windsor Castle. Bells will also ring out at the historic London church where they said their vows, Westminster Abbey, on Monday at 1pm. A team of ten ringers will sound a full celebratory peal in tribute, lasting three hours and 20 minutes.

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The Queen and Prince Philip's long-lasting union has been put down to their compatibility. They both share a love of horses and outdoor life, with the Queen still riding at the age of 91. Her husband Philip was a talented polo player, and took up carriage driving when he retired from the sport. They also share the same understanding of public duty and Philip, 96, has consistently supported his wife in her duties as head of state.


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